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2012-07-25 12:03:28
Does It Make You SICK To Write the Rent Check


Special Home Buying Program shows you how you can own for less than you rent… Reduce your taxes by thousands…No money down programs…Build valuable equity…Why on Earth are You Still There??


Your landlord is getting RICH at your expense! Learn for yourself how Easily, Affordably you can be owning for what you’re now paying in rent.  First Time Buyer Report that can save you THOUSANDS will be instantly emailed to you.  You do not have to be a First Time Home Buyer to get the FREE REPORT.


Before you make another payment on your landlord’s mortgage, consider this: Most people who rent CANafford to buy a GREAT HOME. So, what’s stopping most renters? Some tenants think that buying a home requires a large down payment. Other’s think they can’t get financing because of their financial status…or afford the monthly payments. And just about everyone is overwhelmed by the legal and financial red tape of buying a home. So it just seems easier to keep on renting. But every one of those reasons is WRONG AND COSTING YOU MONEY! The report attached at the end shows you just how much your over years 1-5, 10 years, 15 years, and 20 years.


Consider the Facts: 

  • · You Can own a beautiful home for what you pay in rent…maybe less. In fact, the average mortgage payment costs about the same as the average monthly rent payment.


  • · Owning a home is the surest way of building equity and net worth. As you pay your mortgage down, you increase your savings – automatically. And as the value of your home goes up over time, it’s like FREE MONEY to you!


  • · Owning a home will lower your income tax bill…more money for savings and important purchases….


  • · Nothing is more satisfying than owning a home you can really call “HOME” – it’s the American Dream.


A lot of renters are hesitant to speak with a REALTOR about buying a home because they don’t want to get pressured to buy anything. Here is My Pledge to You: 

I'll consult with you privately and confidentially to determine what you can afford, where you want to live, your dream home ideas, all your options. I’ll even introduce you to mortgage experts who can handle your situation and get you the most affordable financing on the market today. I’ll explain every detail and answer every question you have. Most importantly, I assure you there is NO OBLIGATION to buy anything. If at any time you choose not to proceed, simply tell me. There will be not questions and no pressure whatsoever.


I have over 40 years experience helping renters just like you, who never thought they could buy a wonderful home.


 My job is to help you make buying a home effortless, affordable…even FUN!!



For a FREE, no obligation consultation on how you can say GOOD-BYE to your landlord, and HELLO to your share of the American Dream, I have access to Secret List of Foreclosures, Bank Owned Homes, Discounted Homes, Pre-foreclosures, etc.  CLICK HERE to view access my website on Secret List of Foreclosures.




Bob Liston, Broker/Owner  512-786-6258


P.S. Saying good-bye to your landlord can improve your quality of life, build equity, save taxes, and live life on YOUR terms.


Rental Costs Over a 20 Year Period







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2012-07-25 12:03:28
Does It Make You SICK To Write the Rent Check

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